Work It [65]

London Edition

London Edition


Work It [64]: Queen C


Cass rocks a fur jacket. How can you beat this winter look? She lounges so naturally in a red velvet chair, enveloped in her white, vintage fur. We just need to add a ruby encrusted crown. Then, look complete.

Work It [63]


camo. get on it.

Work It [64]


this guy looks like a cool, cosmopolitan smurf who landed in SoHo from another planet. I wonder if we will all be dressing like this one day…I seriously hope so…

Work It [63]


Despite this Zara coat having seemingly been purchased by every second person in the city, this girl creates such a strong look using it. I am OBSESSED with this mirrored sunglasses trend – it adds very unique depth to an outfit.

B.Style [4]


Sadly, I’m not sure if these shoes are ever going to leave my apartment. My grandma always discouraged me from wearing heels to avoid towering over people. Until I find some valid reason to draw ridiculous attention to myself at like 5’12” tall, they shall be staying locked up at home displayed as twin shoe sculptures….

Work It [61]


Some people just have the magic touch with tying things. Is there something in their subconscious mind that lets them so casually (yet perfectly) loop, tie and knot any form of bow, necklace, scarf, tie or belt? This is a skill I have not yet mastered. Yet Gisela here, thanks to her ‘tying’ talents, is the embodiment of mindlessly, effortlessly cool. I, on the other hand, still tie my shoelaces using the ‘bunny ears’ method. It’s probably time I step up my fastening abilities. It really is the smallest things that make a simple look appear so pulled-together…

Work It [56]

Image 3

The roughed-up folded leather boots add a nice twist beyond the predictably ‘New York’ polished black shoe. I could have taken a million shots of this guy chilling in wait for the C train, his pose was innately ready to be photographed. I wonder what’s in his portfolio…

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