B.Style [2]: Lions & Tigers &…


How does one wear animal prints without looking like a hooker? A question for the ages…These poor textiles continue to have such a bad reputation – despite continuing to remain ‘in’ season after season. They are accused of being tacky and tasteless and are all too readily associated with the style universe reigned by the Kardashians and the Jersey Shore. Nonetheless, I vow to embrace the light-hearted associations of this style, and denigrate those who judge a person based on their spots (or stripes). After all, NYC is a total zoo in itself. So what’s wrong with one more wild animal prowling the streets?


Work It [57]: Troupe of Hipsters


Yesterday I snatched a picture  of this casually dressed bunch of boys walking down a street in SoHo. The buttoned up shirts, red statement shoes, rolled up jeans and vintage camera (worn as an accessory) seemed to cohesively unite them. Together, they formed a most eye-catching troupe of hipsters…

B.Style [1]


farewell winter fur.

Work It [56]

Image 3

The roughed-up folded leather boots add a nice twist beyond the predictably ‘New York’ polished black shoe. I could have taken a million shots of this guy chilling in wait for the C train, his pose was innately ready to be photographed. I wonder what’s in his portfolio…

Work It [55]

Image 2

A short fur coat paired with a leopard print mini skirt would usually scream hooker…but somehow this girl manages to seriously pull it off. The chunky black scarf and knee-high black socks over white tights add a striking graphic element to her look, counteracting the overt sexiness of the skirt & coat pairing. Her style roars.

Work It [54]


hot pink beanie + hot pink beats = game

Work It [51], [52], [53]: B/W Snow Series

In the spirit of a fresh year, snow and semester, I am reigniting my blog after a prolonged period of distraction. Even after only about 5 hours since arriving back in the city, the dynamic examples of ‘personal’ style have been impossible to ignore…enjoy!

IMG_3236 - Version 2

such badass snow gear. patent platform boots a la ‘punk spice’, black leather asymmetrically zipped jacket layered with a frayed denim vest. Initially catching my eye however, was the ultimate New York accessory of what appears to be a pair of decorative handcuffs attached to the girls vest pocket. Who said fashion can’t be functional...


shearling ❤


timeless silhouette. the hat is everything.

Work It [50]

too cute. have been meaning to buy a pair of these white sneakers…

Work It [49]

way to look sexy in 32 degree heat. slouchy tee falling off the shoulder, zebra print blazer casually thrown over arm, black ankle boots and white short shorts with iced coffee in hand. dayyym.

Work It [48]: A Balinese Interlude

stylin’ bali style

Work It [47]

classically cool

Work It [46]

whilst ultra-casual, this girl just seems to exude attitude…I think it’s something to do with the acid green hair and the fact that it looks like she it holding some form of tool box…only in New York could you look this awesome carrying a hammer and assorted screwdrivers.

Work It [45]


Work It [44]

Standard New York ‘cool’ – black, texture and a functional tote bag.

Work It [43]

this gloriously floaty floral dress epitomizes a New York summer…sexy, long and colorful (sweaty didn’t really make sense here…)

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