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Sadly, I’m not sure if these shoes are ever going to leave my apartment. My grandma always discouraged me from wearing heels to avoid towering over people. Until I find some valid reason to draw ridiculous attention to myself at like 5’12” tall, they shall be staying locked up at home displayed as twin shoe sculptures….

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spring has finally hit.

B.Style [2]: Lions & Tigers &…


How does one wear animal prints without looking like a hooker? A question for the ages…These poor textiles continue to have such a bad reputation – despite continuing to remain ‘in’ season after season. They are accused of being tacky and tasteless and are all too readily associated with the style universe reigned by the Kardashians and the Jersey Shore. Nonetheless, I vow to embrace the light-hearted associations of this style, and denigrate those who judge a person based on their spots (or stripes). After all, NYC is a total zoo in itself. So what’s wrong with one more wild animal prowling the streets?

B.Style [1]


farewell winter fur.

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