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Work It [61]


Some people just have the magic touch with tying things. Is there something in their subconscious mind that lets them so casually (yet perfectly) loop, tie and knot any form of bow, necklace, scarf, tie or belt? This is a skill I have not yet mastered. Yet Gisela here, thanks to her ‘tying’ talents, is the embodiment of mindlessly, effortlessly cool. I, on the other hand, still tie my shoelaces using the ‘bunny ears’ method. It’s probably time I step up my fastening abilities. It really is the smallest things that make a simple look appear so pulled-together…


Work It [60]



B.Style [3]


spring has finally hit.

Work It [59]: New York Style Matrix


The lady-like pointed black pumps add a subtle and unexpected element to this girls bold black look. I’m loving the maxi length of the coat, but the intricacy of her haircut is what really caught my attention. What does it take to so convincingly pull off this look?

Work It [58]


bow down to bow tie

B.Style [2]: Lions & Tigers &…


How does one wear animal prints without looking like a hooker? A question for the ages…These poor textiles continue to have such a bad reputation – despite continuing to remain ‘in’ season after season. They are accused of being tacky and tasteless and are all too readily associated with the style universe reigned by the Kardashians and the Jersey Shore. Nonetheless, I vow to embrace the light-hearted associations of this style, and denigrate those who judge a person based on their spots (or stripes). After all, NYC is a total zoo in itself. So what’s wrong with one more wild animal prowling the streets?

Work It [57]: Troupe of Hipsters


Yesterday I snatched a picture ¬†of this casually dressed bunch of boys walking down a street in SoHo. The buttoned up shirts, red statement shoes, rolled up jeans and vintage camera (worn as an accessory) seemed to cohesively unite them. Together, they formed a most eye-catching troupe of hipsters…

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