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Work It [56]

Image 3

The roughed-up folded leather boots add a nice twist beyond the predictably ‘New York’ polished black shoe. I could have taken a million shots of this guy chilling in wait for the C train, his pose was innately ready to be photographed. I wonder what’s in his portfolio…


Work It [55]

Image 2

A short fur coat paired with a leopard print mini skirt would usually scream hooker…but somehow this girl manages to seriously pull it off. The chunky black scarf and knee-high black socks over white tights add a striking graphic element to her look, counteracting the overt sexiness of the skirt & coat pairing. Her style roars.

Work It [54]


hot pink beanie + hot pink beats = game

Work It [51], [52], [53]: B/W Snow Series

In the spirit of a fresh year, snow and semester, I am reigniting my blog after a prolonged period of distraction. Even after only about 5 hours since arriving back in the city, the dynamic examples of ‘personal’ style have been impossible to ignore…enjoy!

IMG_3236 - Version 2

such badass snow gear. patent platform boots a la ‘punk spice’, black leather asymmetrically zipped jacket layered with a frayed denim vest. Initially catching my eye however, was the ultimate New York accessory of what appears to be a pair of decorative handcuffs attached to the girls vest pocket. Who said fashion can’t be functional...


shearling ❤


timeless silhouette. the hat is everything.

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