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Work It [50]

too cute. have been meaning to buy a pair of these white sneakers…


Work It [49]

way to look sexy in 32 degree heat. slouchy tee falling off the shoulder, zebra print blazer casually thrown over arm, black ankle boots and white short shorts with iced coffee in hand. dayyym.

Work It [48]: A Balinese Interlude

stylin’ bali style

Work It [47]

classically cool

Work It [46]

whilst ultra-casual, this girl just seems to exude attitude…I think it’s something to do with the acid green hair and the fact that it looks like she it holding some form of tool box…only in New York could you look this awesome carrying a hammer and assorted screwdrivers.

Work It [45]


Work It [44]

Standard New York ‘cool’ – black, texture and a functional tote bag.

Work It [43]

this gloriously floaty floral dress epitomizes a New York summer…sexy, long and colorful (sweaty didn’t really make sense here…)

Work It [42]

the round sunglasses turn this look from plain and simple into understated and modern. 

Work It [41]

This is just too chic – there is something super fresh about a structured outfit that pairs a pure shade of white with a deeper ivory/beige tone to create a subtle contrast. Classic, bold and structural, this outfit aptly mimics the doric columns lining the street…

Work It [40]

No idea what is going on in the background of this photo with the makeshift white paper wall, but feeling a serious urge to start throwing paint at it…anyway…cute fruity print!!

Work It [39]

two of my favorite things. mad men and the colour mint.

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