Work It [3][4][5] = Red, Black, Leather

Over the past few days it seems I have shot what is potentially the same leather jacket on two women (seen in the series of images above)…a highly strange coincidence…and a highly cool one too.  I think there is something really great about one’s ability to take a similar stylistic ‘thread’, i.e. red, black, leather, and put together a look that embodies whatever element of their unique personality they have decided to visually depict that particular Friday through their clothing. Whilst many people wearing the same shirt from American Apparel can often look generic, it IS possible to insert an element of individuality into pieces and have them appear more as an extension of ‘who you are’ (or whoever you are trying to be…) through their styling, rather than appearing as a clone from the AA catalogue.

Obviously, not everyone buys into (/actually admit…) the whole notion that clothes can express, or in fact have anything to do with, aspects of our identity or personality. However, the fact that everyone (I say everyone. I mean *most* people in Western societies who are not living in a nudist colony…) goes through the process everyday of choosing something to wear and physically putting it on their body, implicitly involves them in a process of eliminations and choices.  Be it to wear the same thing everyday (t-shirt and jeans anyone?) or leave the house in a style highly adjacent to that of Gaga’s (please see woman above with awesome cat-eye shapes sunglasses), our fashion choices can potentially be a most incredible creative outlet, which also enables us to non-verbally ‘speak’ to people, often who are strangers to us, in our everyday lives.  A big part of this, a reality I think is why some people are hesitant to put *too much* thought or effort into what they are wearing, is not having control over how people will interpret what we are putting on our bodies. For me, I guess that’s half the fun…and for the incredibly stylish people shot above, thought and/or effort are elements that certainly aren’t lacking in their daily rituals of dress…

x b

p.s. red lips AGAIN. loving it.


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